Saturday, March 8, 2014

[Comp-neuro] Summer school at Bangalore, India: Computational Approaches to Learning and Memory

Announcing a new course:

Dates: 28th June to 12th July, 2014

CAMP @ Bangalore is a 15-day summer school on the theory and simulation of learning, memory and plasticity in the brain. PhD students and post-docs from theoretical and/or experimental backgrounds (physics, math, neuroscience, engineering, etc.) are welcome. Familiarity with programming, dynamical systems, and/or computational neuroscience is highly desirable. Master's or Bachelor's degree students can apply if they have sufficient background. The course will start with remedial tutorials on neuroscience / math / programming and then work upwards from sub-cellular electrical and chemical signaling in neurons, onward to micro-circuits and networks, all with an emphasis on learning, memory and plasticity.

Students worldwide are encouraged to apply online at latest by 30th Mar, 2014.

A poster for the school can be downloaded at the course website. Please circulate the information widely.


  • Sumantra Chattarji (NCBS, Bangalore)
  • Xiao-Jing Wang (New York University, New York)
  • Suhita Nadkarni (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune)
  • Michael Hausser (University College, London)
  • Eve Marder (Brandeis University, Waltham/Boston)
  • Rishikesh Narayanan (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
  • Arthur Wingfield (Brandeis University, Waltham/Boston)
  • Claudia Clopath (Imperial College, London)
  • Arvind Kumar (Bernstein Center, Freiburg)
  • Stefano Fusi (Columbia University, New York)
  • Raghav Rajan (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune)

  • For more information, email

    Best Regards,

    Aditya Gilra,
    Prof Upinder S Bhalla's lab,
    National Centre for Biological Sciences,
    Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,
    GKVK, Bellary Road,
    Bangalore - 560065, India.
    Ph: 91-80-23666507.

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