Tuesday, March 25, 2014

[Comp-neuro] Fully funded PhD position: computational neuroscience / complex system theory

I would like to bring your attention to our PhD-program in
Complex Dynamical Systems Theory / Computational Neurosciences

At the Institute for Theoretical Physics,
Goethe University Frankfurt

Field(s): complex systems theory, computational neurosciences
neural models and networks, dynamical systems

Application deadline: April 27, 2014

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Claudius Gros

E-mail: cgr@itp.uni-frankfurt.de

Address: Institute for Theoretical Physics,
Goethe University Frankfurt,

Job description:
Applications are invited for a fully funded PhD position at the
Institute for Theoretical Physics, Frankfurt University.

We are developing new models and generative principles for
the brain using a range of toolsets from dynamical systems
theory and computational neurosciences. Examples are new
objective functions and generating functionals, attractor
metadynamics, transient state dynamics and self-limiting
Hebbian plasticity rules. Several subjects are available
for the announced PhD thesis including studies of the
autonomous brain dynamics and/or studies of new synaptic
plasticity rules, like trace formulations of STDP and the
interplay between short term synaptic plasticity and
neural dynamics. The work will include analytical
investigations and numerical simulations of neural models
and neural networks, using the toolset of dynamical systems

The candidates should have a Diploma/Master in physics with
an excellent academic track record and good computational skills.
Experience or strong interest in the fields of complex systems,
computational neurosciences, dynamical systems theory
and/or artificial or biological cognitive systems is expected.
The degree of scientific research experience is expected to
be on the level of a German Diploma/Master.

The appointments will start summer 2014, for
up to three years.

Interested applicants should submit a curriculum vitae,
a list of publications and arrange for two letters of
reference to be sent to the address below.

Prof. Dr. C. Gros
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Goethe University Frankfurt
Max-von-Laue-Str. 1
60438 Frankfurt am Main


*** Prof. Dr. Claudius Gros ***
*** +49 (0)69 798 47818 ***
*** http://itp.uni-frankfurt.de/~gros ***
--- Complex and Adaptive Dynamical Systems, A Primer ---
--- A graduate-level textbook, Springer (2008/10/13) ---

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