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[Comp-neuro] On the Hard problem of consciousness


SPECIAL ISSUE: On the Hard problem of consciousness

Philosophers have put forward a series of metaphysics, while engineers claim that information science and computation explains everything there is about brain function and there is no hard problem of consciousness. Cleary there needs to be a middle ground because neither of these extremes is leading anywhere. This middle ground is neuropsychoanalysis. This special issue will  unite the best of the best philosophers, physicists and psychiatrists in the attempt to solve the hard problem of consciousness.

1. A neuropsychoanalytic approach to the hard problem of consciousness.
       M. Solms

2. Segregation and integration of information in an extended dual-aspect monism
    metaphysical framework: a solution for the hard problem of consciousness.
       R. Vimal

3. Co-evolution of human consciousness and language.
       M. Arbib

4. Cognitive and phenomenal integration.
       R. Manzotti and A. Chella

5. Quantum degrees of freedom in MTs and a connection to cognition, anaesthesia and higher states of
        T. Craddock, A. Priel and S. Hameroff

6. An objective re-assessment of the orchestrated objective reduction theory of consciousness.
       S. Hamerhoff and J.Tuszynski

7. Physical bases of consciousness and memory.
    M. Persinger and L. S. St-Pierre

8. Towards a neuroscience of human meaning.
       K.Tyler and D.T.J. Liley

9. Consciousness, the explanatory gap, and afference copy.
       A. Coop and H. Cornelis

10. Triple-Aspect Monism: An Interdisciplinary Ontology Integrating the Physical, Informational and
     Conscious Aspects of Reality.
     Alfredo Pereira Jr.

11. Consciousness as uncognized but cognizable higher brain functions.
       L.A.Cacha , R.R. Poznanski and G. N. Reeke

12. An explanation of the quantum nature of matter and consciousness through the concept of
      S. Kurtev

13. The origins of the brain's endogenous electromagnetic field and its relationship to provision of
      subjective experience.
      C.G. Hales

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