Monday, March 17, 2014

[Comp-neuro] PhD in image analysis for behavioural tracking

Posted on behalf of Dr Robyn Grant:

Applications are sought for a 3 year, fully-funded PhD position (UK & EU nationals) in the lab of Dr Robyn Grant at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

Title: "Indicators of Neurodegenerative Disease revealed through Animal Behaviour: open source toolbox development for measurement of disease progression."

Summary: A multi-disciplinary project developing image analysis tools for objective, non-invasive assessment of animal behaviour. 
In particular, the project will focus on developing methods to quantify changes in patterns of locomotion and whisker movements resulting from neurodegenerative disorders such as Motor Neuron Disease, Huntingdon's Disease and ageing. 

Candidates must have good programming skills (e.g. Matlab) and a strong motivation for research. Expertise of developing image analysis algorithms would be desirable, with an interest in animal behavior. The student will also receive training on image processing techniques and software development, alongside collecting animal behavior data. 

For more details and to apply:

For all inquiries, contact Dr Robyn Grant:

Dr M D Humphries
MRC Senior Non-Clinical Research Fellow @ Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester, UK
Honorary Research Fellow @ Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield, UK

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