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[Comp-neuro] Research Scientist/Engineer, Director of Neuroengineering Design Suite wanted at Georgia Tech, GA, USA

Research Scientist/Engineer and Director of Neuroengineering Design Suite

Georgia Tech

Atlanta, GA, USA


Job Purpose: 

The Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience at Georgia Tech is seeking a Research Engineer/Scientist for the Precision Biosystems Laboratory.  This position will involve directing the opening, operation, and hands-on experimentation of the Neuroengineering Design Suite under the direction of Professor Craig Forest. 


The Neuroengineering Design Suite is a facility dedicated to supporting the Atlanta-area activities of the BRAIN Initiative—anationwide effort to better understand the immensely complex structure and function of the brain. We are building a user facility that puts emerging in-vivo neurotechnology tools in the hands of people who need to use them. The Atlanta-area neuroscience community is large (>100 neuroengineering/neuroscientist investigators), yet not every investigator can afford the expensive instrumentation necessary to conduct groundbreaking experiments in the living brain. This facility will aid in the creation of competitive proposals by being a place for investigators to acquire preliminary in-vivo data using state-of-the-art equipment.


Specifically, this facility will support equipment for real-time measurement and control of neural signals, traditional and novel setups for experimental paradigms, and tools for data analysis.  For measurement tools, the facility will support three key areas of active research: 1) in-vivo brain imaging involving voltage- and calcium-sensitive dyes, 2) extracellular electrophysiology using multichannel electrodes, and 3) intracellular electrophysiology involving single- or multi-electrode automated patch clamping. For experimental tools, we will furnish the facility with imaging, signal processing, and optical/electrical stimulation apparatuses using the most modern and high throughput devices available.


Job Description:

Directing the opening, operation, and hands-on experimentation of the Neuroengineering Design Suite will involve managing and maintaining neurotechnology, people, money and ideas.  The director will provide hands-on hardware and software assistance for various research projects in the Atlanta-area and within the adjacent Precision Biosystems Laboratory. Experimentally, skills in hands-on neuroscience experimentation, especially electrophysiology, will be utilized on a regular basis in the design of experiments and collaborative data gathering.  The position will involve interacting with a diverse range of people including student researchers, faculty, support staff, and administrators within an academic environment. The ideal candidate will also have some experience with fund-raising through proposal writing. 



Major Responsibilities:

· Perform, advise, and train others in the use of off-the shelf and emerging neurotechnology tools.  (The candidate will learn how to use these tools in collaboration with laboratories and companies as necessary for those not already skilled.)

· Assist with fund-raising through proposal writing, meetings, and collaboration forming.

· Provide instruction to lab users on proper use of lab equipment, lab safety, protocols and procedures related to conducting experiments.

· Prepare and on approval administer laboratory budget; purchase supplies and equipment and maintain related records.

· Maintain laboratory facility in safe, clean and organized manner.

· Coordinate scheduling of lab usage.

· Develop and implement laboratory policy and procedures; incorporate best practices as appropriate.

· Calibrate lab instrumentation and maintain lab equipment.

· Direct the scheduling and work of student assistants assigned to laboratory.


Basic Qualifications:

· Education: MS or PhD Degree in relevant scientific field (e.g., electrical engineering, neuroscience, bioengineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering) or an equivalent combination of education and experience

· Working hands-on knowledge of instrumentation: including mechanical, electronic, and software equipment use, calibration, and maintenance, laboratory processes and procedures and lab safety rules and practices.

· Neuroscience specific skills and experience: prefer electrophysiology (intracellular or extracellular), require animal surgery and handling

· Skills in communication, customer service, work guidance and instruction.  Rather than independent research in isolation, this role will involve daily human interaction.

· Initiative, independence, and resourcefulness at overcoming challenges.  The research academic environment is high risk, high reward and while some of the equipment will be turn-key and some will be experimental, the use and application for new creative research endeavors will require creative exploration and persistence.


Interested applicants should forward by e-mail an application letter of interest, curriculum vitae, summary of past accomplishments, short description of career goals and the names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of three professional references to: 

Craig R. Forest
Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech
Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering

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