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[Comp-neuro] eNTERFACE14 Summer Workshop - Call for participation - 4 days left!!

Dear list members,

Aholab Signal Processing research group, from Bilbao, Spain, is
hosting eNTERFACE'14, the 10th Summer Workshop on Multimodal
Interfaces (Bilbao, June 9th to July 9th 2014). eNTERFACE workshops
gather in a single place a team of senior project leaders,
researchers, and students, to work on a pre-specified list of
challenges for 4 weeks. Participants are organized in teams, each team
being attached to a specific project.

The following project may be of interest to you:

Title: Quantification of the alteration in the resting state
networks for measuring brain pathologies and diseases
Leading team: I. Diez, A. Erramuzpe, S. Stramaglia1, and J.M.
Cortes, from Biocruces Health Research Institute
Abstract: Resting State Networks (RSNs) are the result from the
coherence across brain regions in the high-amplitude ultra-slow (0.1
Hz) fluctuations in the Blood-Oxygen-Level-Dependent (BOLD) signal
acquired with resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging
(rs-fMRI). The RSNs are universal, meaning that, beyond individual
brain differences, they emerge at rest in all healthy subjects. This
universal behavior in healthy brains has pushed forward the strategy
for quantification of the RSNs alterations in brain pathological
conditions to find for new neuroimaging markers for both mental and
cognitive disorders. Indeed, alterations in the RSNs have been found
in patients with deficit of consciousness after brain traumatic
injury, in Alzheimer disease and schizophrenia. Based on these
results, it is expected that RSNs alterations occur as well for other
brain disorders and diseases. This is the main motivation of this
project, given an input rs-fMRI data of a specific patient, to develop
new and efficient methods capable to quantify the precise amount of
alteration (respect to control) for each of the resting networks.

If you are a senior/junior researcher or a PhD/MS/undergraduate
student working on similar topics and you want to collaborate in this
project, please prepare a short CV in electronic format along with a
list of skills you can offer to the team and fill in the application
form available on the official website.

eNTERFACE'14 has no registration fee and lodging prices will be highly
competitive. We will also offer about 5 grants covering accomodation
expenses (more information will be given through the official website
in due course).

Important dates:
Deadline for application: March 14th 2014
Notification of acceptance to participants: April 11th 2014
Workshop: June 9th – July 4th 2014

Web: http://aholab.ehu.es/eNTERFACE14
Contact: enterface14@aholab.ehu.es

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