Wednesday, April 16, 2014

[Comp-neuro] Post-doctoral position - Boston University

Post-doctoral position – Boston University


The Hasselmo laboratory in the Center for Memory and Brain at Boston University is looking for a post-doctoral fellow to work on a multi-disciplinary university research initiative (MURI) project in collaboration with the Leonard and Roy labs at MIT and the Milford lab at QUT. Applicants should have experience in the area of robotics with an emphasis on spatial navigation and computational neuroscience. This background should include a degree in electrical engineering, computer science, computational neuroscience or mechanical engineering. The successful candidate will extend current research on goal directed spatial behavior, including work on modeling navigation in robots guided by models of neurophysiological circuits. He/she will also implement previously developed computational models in 3D simulation environments and robotic hardware. The ideal candidate will have experience in path planning, autonomous navigation, computational modeling, neural networks, AI and/or computer vision. Excellent programming skills in MATLAB, Python and/or C++ are a must. Experience in implementing computational models on hardware platforms is a plus.




- A degree in one of the following areas: electrical engineering, computer science, computational neuroscience, mechanical engineering.

- Experience in robotics, mathematical modeling, autonomous navigation, and/or neural networks.

- Excellent coding skills in MATLAB, C++ and/or Python.

Prof. Michael Hasselmo
Center for Memory and Brain, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Graduate Program for Neuroscience, Principal Investigator, ONR Multi-disciplinary University Research Initiative on Grid cells and Autonomous Systems, Boston University, 2 Cummington St., Boston, MA, 02215, USA
Tel: (617) 353-1397, e-mail:,

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