Friday, April 4, 2014

[Comp-neuro] Open position in Theoretical Neuroscience

The Computational Neuroscience group of Klaus Pawelzik ( ) invites applications for an open Ph.D.
student position in the project

'I-See The artificial eye: Chronic wireless interface to the visual
cortex' ( for details about the project)

In this project we investigate the possibilities and foundations of
injecting visual information into the visual cortex via electrical
stimulation for neuro - prosthetic purposes.

We are looking for a PhD student with a background in physics and/or
computational neuroscience. She/he will work in close cooperation with
experimentalists in the group of Andreas Kreiter
( The student will analyse
electro-physiological data with the goal to identify the underlying
network structure/model which generates a specific neural response and
visual percept to a particular electrical stimulation. She/he will then
invert this model in order to determine the spatio-temporal stimulation
pattern required for creating a desired visual percept. Basic knowledge
in programming and in formal methods/Computational Neuroscience are

Interested candidates should send their application in German or English
language, a letter of motivation, CV, copies of school and university
certificates (master/diploma or equivalent) until the 17th of April to:

Agnes Janßen
Hochschulring 18
Universität Bremen
D-28359 Bremen

The documents can be sent in via eMail ( )
or in paper form.

Severely disabled applicants and women with essentially identical
technical and personal suitability will be preferentially selected.
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