Saturday, April 19, 2014

[Comp-neuro] OpenWorm for scientists

Hi all,

   OpenWorm is an open source project and open science community dedicated to creating the world's first whole organism in a computer, a C. elegans nematode, via bottom-up computational modeling. It is an association of highly motivated scientists, engineers, coders, and curious citizens from around the world who believe in open science and open access.

    While our ultimate goal is to simulate every cell in the c. elegans, we are starting out by building a model of its body and environment, its nervous system, and its muscle cells.  At the center of this is an incrementally improving detailed multi-compartmental representation of the c. elegans nervous system.  You can read more about our neuromechanical modeling approach in our online documentation.

    We've recently pulled together a page that focuses content that is relevant to experimental biologists and other scientists in a single place online.  

     This outreach effort is aimed at creating a conversation between biologists collecting data and making observations and computational modelers building models and validating them against real data.  We invite the comp-neuro community to have a look, provide feedback, and join the conversation!


  Stephen Larson,  Ph.D
  Project coordinator

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