Friday, April 25, 2014

[Comp-neuro] Invitation to NeuroFutures Summit - Seattle, June 16-18, 2014.

We are pleased to invite you to the 2014 NeuroFutures Summit.


Who/what/why:  The NeuroFutures Summit will bring together research, industry, and clinical thought leaders to explore how innovations in neuromodulation, brain mapping, neuroimaging, computational neuroscience, and brain computer interfaces will transform our understanding of neural systems and enable life-changing medical treatments.  Participants will learn the state of the art, present and discuss their work, and interact with neurotechnology leaders in a small conference setting.  The abstract deadline for poster presenters is May 16th, 2014.  Over thirty speakers are confirmed.  See agenda below.


When:  Public lecture 6-8pm June 16th followed by the technical conference on June 17th and 18th, 2014.


Where:  Hotel Deca and the University of Washington, Seattle, WA.


Website:  Visit to learn more.


We hope you can join us.


The organizers:


Rad Roberts, Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering, University of Washington,

Dan Rizzuto, Allen Institute for Brain Science,

Bill Rooney, Oregon Health and Science University, and

Bobby Heagerty, Oregon Health and Science University.



NeuroFutures Summit Agenda

June 16th- 18th, 2014

University of Washington, Seattle, WA



Monday, June 16th, 6pm – 8pm


Public lecture: The Brain on Circuit Training:  Finding and Fixing Misfiring Neural Circuitry. 

A presentation by Dr. Andres Lozano with an interactive discussion moderated by David Heil.



Tuesday, June 17th


Functional Mapping Informs BCI and Neuromodulation  Innovations

Richard Buxton, UCSD, Kim Burchiel, OHSU, Richard Andersen, Caltech


Measuring, Mapping, and Modifying Cognitive Function.

Justin Sanchez, DARPA, Tom Grabowski, U of Washington, Brian Kopell, Mt. Sinai Hospital.


Lunch, posters, informal discussion.


Structure and Target Selection in Neuromodulation

Chris Kroenke, OHSU, Andres Lozano, U of Toronto, David Newell, Swedish Neuroscience Institute.


Mining Shared Neural Data Sets

Magali Haas, Orion Bionetworks, Julie Harris, Allen Institute for Brain Science,

Mike Hawrylycz, Allen Institute for Brain Science, Paul Fearn, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.


Northwest NeuroNeighborhood Resources and Partnering Opportunities I.

Bart Keogh, Radia Inc., Rajesh Rao, U of Washington, John Henson, Swedish Neuroscience Institute.


Evening reception at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture.



Wednesday, June 18th


The Past, Present, and Future of Closed-loop Neuromodulation.

Milton Morris, Cyberonics, Eberhard Fetz, U of Washington, Tim Denison, Medtronic.

Ryder Gwinn, Swedish Neuroscience Institute.  


De-coding Commands and Learning Modes in the Motor Cortex.  

Chet Moritz, U of Washington, Jeff Ojemann, U of Washington, Adrienne Fairhall, U of Washington.


Neurotechnology Development and Brain Mapping: A Virtuous Cycle

Ed Lein, AIBS, Craig Forest, Georgia Institute of Technology.


Northwest NeuroNeighborhood Resources and Partnering Opportunities II.

Norman Beauchamp, U of Washington. Bob Wilcox, Viket Medical.


Lunch, posters, informal discussion.


Generating and Handling Large Neural Data Sets.

Hanchuan Peng, Allen Institute for Brain Science, Tim Blanche, Allen Institute for Brain Science,

Bing Brunton, U of Washington, Matt Reynolds, U of Washington.

Neural engineering approaches for hearing, sight, and memory prostheses.

Adrian KC Lee, U of Washington, Josh Jacobs, Drexel University




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