Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[Comp-neuro] Postdoctoral Associate in Computational Neuroscience - Boston University Neuromorphics Laboratory - nl.bu.edu

Job position:

Postdoctoral Associate in Computational Neuroscience

Boston University Neuromorphics Laboratory



Be at the forefront of designing the next generation neural models to power mobile robots. The Boston University Neuromorphics Lab (nl.bu.edu), working with NASA and industrial partners, is researching cutting-edge neuromorphic models and will help translate this technology into real products for consumers and businesses.


This postdoctoral associate position has the duration of 1 year renewable (renewal pending availability of funding). The candidate will be working in close collaboration with computational neuroscientists and industrial partners to design and implement large-scale neural system to allow an autonomous agent (virtual and robotic) to perceive and act in real and virtual environments.


Responsibilities include the design and developments of biologically-inspired modules for perception, navigation, planning, and motor control. It is expected that the successful applicant will work toward developing one or more of these modules. Strong emphasis will be put on learning, adaptation, autonomy, and on models that abide to constraints of parallelism and locality in order to allow scalable implementation. Additionally, the candidate should be able to work with our partners to create demonstrations of the technology in mobile robotic platforms.

Qualifications: Successful candidates should have a PhD in computational neuroscience, computer vision, machine learning, or a related field, with a strong background in computational modeling. Proficiency in programming in C/C++, Java, or C# is essential. Competence in analytical methods (linear algebra, elementary geometry, differential equations, probability theory) is preferred. Experience with parallel programming and virtual environment is a big plus.


Additional information about the work is available at these URLs:





Please apply here: nl@cns.bu.edu


Massimiliano Versace, PhD
Director, Neuromorphics Lab, Boston University
Research Assistant Professor, Center for Computational Neuroscience & Neural Technology
Mob. +1.617.416.6817 Skype: maxversace


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