Friday, July 26, 2013

[visionlist] [postdoc] Postdocs in Paris on Sensorimotor Theory

Several Postdoc positions in mathematical modelling, perceptual psychophysics, developmental psychology/developmental robotics and philosophy, are available from September 2013 to work within Kevin O'Regan's ERC Advanced project  "FEEL" on the sensorimotor approach to consciousness ( By examining the laws linking motor output to sensory input, the sensorimotor theory attempts to account for the perceived quality of sensory experiences (e.g. the perceived quality of colors, the differences between different sense modalities, the way an agent -- infant or robot -- can learn the structure of its body and how to use a tool). K. O'Regan is seeking candidates to undertake the work planned in each of the five workpackages of the project (cf. WP1 (Philosophy), WP2 (Formal sensorimotor theory), WP2 (Color psychophysics), WP4 (Sensory Substitution) and WP5 (Development of feel in infants and robots). The work is to be conducted at the Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception ( in central Paris. French language is not a requirement. Appointments will be for one year, renewable once, starting as soon as possible or until the positions are filled. Net salary is determined by French university standards and experience. Please send CV's and short letters of interest for proposed workpackage and specifying availability to <> before 1 September 2013. 

J.Kevin O'Regan
Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception
CNRS - Université Paris Descartes
Centre Biomédical des Saints Pères
45 rue des Sts Pères
75270 Paris cedex 06
Bureau: (33 1) 4286 4312; mobile: (33) 65111 9203; fax (33 1) 4286 3322
My office is No 606 on the 6th floor, but it is difficult to find: cf.

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