Thursday, July 4, 2013

[Comp-neuro] RE: Post-Doctoral position at Blue Brain Project, EPFL, in Mesoscale Cortical Synthesis

The Blue Brain Project has modelling infrastructure for constructing in silico neocortical columns containing about 30,000 neurons, distributing the cells through the column and forming synapses. Several such columns have already been assembled into a planar hexagonal mosaic containing up to 1,000,000 neurons. However, axons grow long distances along tracts within the brain's white matter, and the next stage of development is to populate three-dimensional mesh models of brain regions with appropriately-shaped mesocircuits, adjusting their dimensions and shape to match rodent brain anatomy, and connecting the circuits according to known large-scale connectomics data,  yielding a complete rat brain model containing on the order of tens of millions of neurons.

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Julian Shillcock

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