Friday, July 26, 2013

[Comp-neuro] Post-doc position in south of Paris: optogenetics and control theory

Post-doc position in south of Paris: optogenetics and control theory

* Description:
This post-doc will take place in the French ANR project SYNCHNEURO which
will start in September 2013.

The project aims at modeling and analyzing non-human primate basal
ganglia (in health and Parkinson disease) based on optogenetics data.
The final aim is to develop enhanced deep brain stimulation signals that
take into account real-time deep brain measurements (closed-loop DBS).
The consortium is made of a team of neurosurgeons and neurophysiologists
from Henri Mondor Hospital of Créteil (France), an identification and
neurophysiologic signal-processing expert from Univ. Paris 5, and a team
of control theoreticians with experience in neuroscience applications
from L2S-Supélec-Univ. Paris 11.

The recruited post-doc is expected to interact with all the members of
the consortium, but his/her main contribution is expected in:
- the parameter identification of firing-rate models of basal ganglia in
health and disease based on the preprocessed optogenetics data
- the mathematical analysis of the obtained model and the derivation of
explicit sufficient conditions for pathological oscillations onset
- the development of improved closed-loop DBS signals
- the interface with the experimental team (protocol setup, data
preprocessing, in vivo validation).

The maximum duration of this post-doc is 24 months, but shorter
recruitment may also be envisioned. The salary will be around 2000€/month.

* Requirements:
The recruited post-doc will have expertise in one of the following fields:
- applied mathematics (dynamical systems, differential equations,
control theory, ...)
- theoretical/computational neuroscience
- engineering or physics background with good mathematical bases
(control engineering preferably).

The knowledge of French is not mandatory.

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