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[Comp-neuro] Special issue on the hard problem of consciousness


SPECIAL ISSUE: On the Hard problem of consciousness
Volume 13, No.2 (JUNE) 2014

1. Introduction— Addressing the Hard Problem
J. R. Searle.

2. A Neuropsychoanalytic Approach to the Hard Problem of Consciousness
M. Solms

3. Co-evolution of Human Consciousness and Language—Revisited
M. Arbib

4. Quantum Effects in the Understanding of Consciousness
S. R. Hameroff and J.A.Tuszynski

5. The Origins of the Brain's Endogenous Electromagnetic Field and Its Relationship to
Provision of Consciousness.
C.G. Hales

6. Keeping Time: Could Quantum Beating in Microtubules be the Basis for the Neural
Synchrony Related to Consciousness?
T.J.A. Craddock, A. Priel and J. A. Tuszynski

7. Genomic Instantiation of Consciousness in Neurons Through a Biophoton Field Theory
L.A. Cacha and R.R. Poznanski

8. Physical Integration: A Causal Account for Consciousness
R. Manzotti and A. Chella

9. Afference Copy as a Quantitative Neurophysiological Model for Consciousness
H. Cornelis and A. Coop

10. Triple-Aspect Monism: Physiological, Unconscious and Conscious Aspects of Brain
A.Pereira Jr.

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