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[Comp-neuro] NEURAL COMPUTATION - June, 2014

Neural Computation - Contents -- Volume 26, Number 6 - June 1, 2014

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A Causal Perspective on the Analysis of Signal and Noise Correlations
and Their Role in Population Coding
Daniel Chicharro


Towards Unified Hybrid Simulation Techniques for Spiking Neural Networks
Michiel D'Haene, Michiel Hermans, and Benjamin Schrauwen

Neural Decoding With Kernel-based Metric Learning
Austin J. Brockmeier, John S. Choi, Evan G. Kriminger,
Joseph T. Francis, and Jose C. Principe

Adaptive Multiclass Classification for Brain Computer Interfaces
Alberto Llera, Vicenc Gomez, and Hilbert J. Kappen

On Non-negative Matrix Factorization Algorithms for Signal-dependent
Noise With Application to Electromyography Data
Karthik Devarajan, Vincent C.K. Cheung

Direct Learning of Sparse Changes in Markov Networks by Density Ratio Estimation
Song Liu, John A. Quinn, Michael U. Gutmann, Taiji Suzuki, and Masashi Sugiyama

Short Term Memory Capacity in Networks via the Restricted Isometry Property
Adam Charles, Han Lun Yap, and Chris Rozell



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