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[Comp-neuro] IEEE SSCI 2014 Doctoral Consortium (deadline June 15, 2014) - Call for Applications

IEEE SSCI 2014 Doctoral Consortium - Call for Applications

The IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI) 2014 will be running a Doctoral Consortium alongside the symposium. The objective of this Doctoral Consortium is to provide an opportunity for Ph.D. students to discuss their dissertation research topics, research plans, and research methodologies in a supportive environment with peers in the community. The feedback, advice, and guidance will be invaluable to Ph.D. students in supporting their current and future research in computational intelligence and their future careers. There are dedicated financial support for selected Ph.D. students to attend this Doctoral Consortium as well as student travel grants for SSCI.


In order to submit to the Doctoral Consortium, students are required to submit the following items through the same portal as papers for SSCI.

1. Cover sheet that includes:
- Full name
- Affiliation and email address
- Expected graduation date
- Thesis advisor's full name, title, affiliation and email address
- Title of research
- List of up to 5 keywords to help select reviewers for the application
2. A 2-page summary of Ph.D. research that includes:
- Title of research
- Name, affiliation, and email address
- Research question and significance
- Important literature
- Proposed research methodology
- Preliminary results
- Future research plan
- Reference list (maximum one page, not included in 2-page limit)
3. CV
4. Letter of support from Ph.D. supervisor or other faculty member
5. Confirmation letter of Ph.D. student status

Key dates are the same as for the SSCI

Submission June 15, 2014
Notification September 5, 2014
Final Submission October 5, 2014

Full details of the Doctoral Consortium are available from

Stephen G. Matthews, University of Bristol, UK
Xiaorong Zhang, San Francisco State University, USA
Demetrios G. Eliades, University of Cyprus, Cyprus

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