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[Comp-neuro] Doctoral studies in Computational/Theoretical Neuroscience at New York University

New York University is home to a thriving interdisciplinary community of researchers using computational and theoretical approaches in neuroscience. A full listing of neuroscience-related graduate programs is available at, and a listing of computationally-oriented faculty, sorted by their primary departmental affiliation, is given below. Doctoral programs are flexible, allowing students to pursue research across departmental boundaries. Nevertheless, admissions are handled separately by each department, and students interested in pursuing graduate studies should submit an application to the program that best fits their goals and interests.

** Center for Neural Science (CNS) (Deadline: 12 December)

* André A. Fenton - Molecular, neural, behavioral, and computational aspects of memory.
* Paul W. Glimcher - Human and animal decision-making.
* Roozbeh Kiani (starting Jan 2013) - Vision and decision-making.
* Tony Movshon (also in Psychology) - Vision and visual development.
* Bijan Pesaran - Neuronal dynamics and decision making.
* Alex Reyes - Functional interactions of neurons in a network.
* John Rinzel (also in Mathematics) - Biophysical mechanisms and theory of neural computation.
* Nava Rubin (also in Psychology) - Visual perception and the neural basis of vision.
* Robert Shapley (also in Psychology and Biology) - Visual physiology and perception.
* Eero Simoncelli (also in Mathematics and Psychology) - Computational vision.
* Xiao-Jing Wang - Computational neuroscience, decision-making and working memory, neural circuits.

** Psychology, Cognition & Perception program (Deadline: 12 December)

* Nathaniel Daw (also in CNS) - Models of decision-making and neuromodulation.
* David Heeger (also in CNS) - fMRI, computational neuroscience, vision, attention.
* Michael Landy (also in CNS) - Computational approaches to vision.
* Laurence Maloney (also in CNS) - Mathematical approaches to psychology and neuroscience.
* Gary Marcus - Origins of the human mind.
* Denis Pelli (also in CNS) - Visual object recognition.
* Jonathan Winawer (starting Sep 2013) - Visual perception and memory.

** Mathematics (Deadline: 18 December )

* David Cai - Nonlinear stochastic behavior in physical and biological systems.
* David McLaughlin (also CNS) - Nonlinear wave equations, computational visual neuroscience.
* Aaditya Rangan - computational neurobiology, numerical analysis.
* Charles Peskin - Mathematical biology.
* Michael Shelley (also CNS) - Modeling and large-scale computation, computational visual neuroscience.
* Daniel Tranchina (also Biology and CNS) - Information processing in the retina.

** Computer Science (Deadline: 12 December)

* Davi Geiger (also in CNS) - Computational vision and learning.
* Yann LeCun (also in CNS) - machine learning, hierarchical visual processing, robotics.

** Electrical and Computer Engineering, Brooklyn campus (Deadline: 1 December)

* Jonathan Viventi - Brain-computer interfaces and brain recording technologies.

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