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[Comp-neuro] AREADNE 2014 Meeting Announcement




Research in Encoding and Decoding of
Neural Ensembles

25-29 June 2014
Nomikos Conference Center
Santorini, Greece


A fundamental problem in neuroscience is to understand how the
activation of large populations of neurons gives rise to higher
order functions of the brain including learning, memory, cognition,
perception, action and ultimately conscious awareness.
Electrophysiological recordings have revealed considerable
information about the firing patterns of single neurons, but it
remains largely a mystery how collections of individual neurons
interact to perform these functions. Understanding ensemble
activity is critical to understanding the brain.


Toward that end, the AREADNE Conferences have been created to
gather global scientific leaders who work on neural ensembles and
create a touch-point for the widely disparate and hybrid field.
With a spectacular setting on Santorini, the conferences have
been carefully planned to foster discussion and interaction
between attendees to encourage the establishment of lasting
professional relationships. The meetings continue our efforts to
promote systems neuroscience in Greece through creating a
world-class forum for cutting-edge research.


The conference will span four days of presentations, in morning and early
evening sessions. Confirmed speakers include experts in the field of
multi-neuron experiment, theory, and analysis (in alphabetic order):

Ken Britten
EJ Chichilnisky
Mark Churchland
Rosa Cossart
Allision Doupe
Loren Frank
Wulfram Gerstner
Gabriel Kreiman
Gilles Laurent
Eve Marder
Tom Mrsic-Flogel
Ole Paulsen
Carl Petersen
John Pezaris
Alexandre Pouget
Jennifer Raymond
Michael Roukes
Philip Sabes
Terry Sanger
Andreas Tolias
Susumu Tonegawa
Brian Wandell

In addition to our expert speakers, we have an august list of
session moderators to keep the discussions lively and

Barry Richmond
Stelios Smirnakis
Kenny Blum
Irini Skaliora
Yifat Prut
Leslie Osborne
Nikos Logothetis


John Pezaris, Co-Chair
Nicholas Hatsopoulos, Co-Chair
Yiota Poirazi
Andreas Tolias
Dora Angelaki
Thanos Siapas


For further information please see the conference web site or send email to

Dr. J. S. Pezaris
AREADNE 2014 Co-Chair
Massachusetts General Hospital
55 Fruit Street, THR-425
Boston, MA 02114, USA

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