Tuesday, June 11, 2013

[Comp-neuro] postdoctoral position in modeling memory consolidation during sleep

Applications are invited for post-doctoral positions in the laboratory of Dr. Maxim Bazhenov at the University of California, Riverside to study role of sleep rhythms in memory and learning. This project involves close collaboration with laboratories of Eric Halgren (UCSD), Terry Sejnowski (Salk), Sydney Cash (Harvard), Jean-Marc Fellous (Univ of Arizona). The ultimate goal of this work is to understand how the interaction among brain areas during different stages of sleep leads to consolidation of memory for recent learning.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the design of the anatomically realistic thalamo-cortico-hippocampal models based on existing experimental data. These models will be used to understand network dynamics of brain that are involved in the processes of memory consolidation, as well as guide data analysis and produce novel experimental predictions. Qualified applicants are expected to have experience in computational/theoretical neuroscience and conductance-based neural modeling. Programming experience with C/C++ is required. Knowledge of PYTHON or MATLAB is a plus.

The University of California offers excellent benefits. Salary is based on research experience. Applicants should send a brief statement of research interests, a CV and the names of three references to Maxim Bazhenov at maksim.bazhenov@ucr.edu
--   Maxim Bazhenov, Ph.D.  Professor, Cell Biology and Neuroscience  University of California  Riverside, CA 92521  Ph: 951-827-4370  http://biocluster.ucr.edu/~mbazhenov/      

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