Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[Comp-neuro] Announcing MOOSE 2.0.0 "Kalakand"

MOOSE 2.0.0 "Kalakand"

We announce the release of MOOSE 2.0.0, "Kalakand"*. Debian packages and
tarballs can be downloaded from

The latest code is in the usual SourceForge repository at

This is the first full release of MOOSE. In this release the MOOSE team has
been conservative about features, and has instead focused on the basics:
a decent GUI, documentation, basic numerics, and a cleaner install

In this release you can load and run NEUROML (compartmental neuronal models
and networks) from the GUI. You can also load, run, and save chemical
models in the Kinetikit (kkit.g) format. There are demo models for each of

There are also a couple of standalone demos, most importantly the Squid demo
for the original Hodgkin-Huxley model. This is based on the GENESIS demo
of the
same name and is an excellent teaching tool.

The scripting language is now Python. The GUI is written in this, and we
have production simulations in Python.

Behind the scenes we have set in place a more structured development process
with a strong test framework. We invite you to look at the roadmap and
indicate what developments you would like best.

We aim to have a much shorter and incremental release cycle from now.
the build process is now easier with the debian packaging, so it will be
simpler to grab the latest source code from SourceForge if you want to
try out
new features/bugs hot off the keyboard. Along the way we will fold in the
ports to other OSs, depending on what else is prioritized in the roadmap.

*Kalakand is an Indian milk-based sweet. The naming scheme is from an
old lab
tradition to name things after Indian sweets. The order is alphabetical
in the
sequence of most Indian alphabets.

The MOOSE team:
Niraj Dudani Neuronal solver, parallelization
Subhasis Ray Python interface, XML standards
G.V.HarshaRani Web page design and User Interface
Chaitanya.H Visualization and User Interface
Aditya Gilra NeuroML reader and .deb packaging
Upinder S. Bhalla Primary Architect, Chemical kinetic solvers

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