Monday, January 20, 2014

[Comp-neuro] New MSc in Computational Intelligence & Robotics at The University of Sheffield

This MSc offers research-intensive training in engineering, computing 
and neuroscience. The course comprises a mixture of modules in 
computational neuroscience, robotics, machine learning, computational 
vision, multi-sensor data fusion, modelling and simulation of natural 
systems, and rapid control prototyping. 

You will be taught by internationally recognised experts from the 
departments of Automatic Control & Systems Engineering, Computer 
Science, and the neuroscience group in Psychology, including: 
Bryn Jones 
Dawn Walker 
Eleni Vasilaki 
Kevin Gurney 
Ling Shao 
Neil Lawrence 
Osman Tokhi 
Paul Trodden 
Roderich Gross 
Roger Moore 
Sandor Veres 
Stuart Wilson 
Thomas Hain 
Tony Dodd 

The MSc will prepare you for a wide range of potential careers from 
fundamental research, through to engineering and science roles in major 
organisations. The multi-disciplinary nature of the MSc, and many of the 
techniques you will learn, are highly sought after in industry and 
research establishments worldwide. 

If you would like to obtain more information please visit . 

The University's Women in Engineering initiative is helping to raise the 
profile of talented female engineers and our learning culture ensures we 
have an environment where both women and men thrive through academic and 
personal achievement. 

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